The New Normal


Overall, the new client has now reached the point where it can replace the legacy client.

This is mostly due to an option making light calculations more efficient (and, less pretty) and some bugfixes.

New Client Updates


With the help of Astonia Resurgence you can try the public open beta of the new client.



Cleanup is done, mostly. New resolutions: 1600x1000 and 3200x2000 for windowed play in 1080p and 2160p. Modding support. Optional control scheme that relies more on the mouse with a right-click menu. And finally automated builds and releases on Github.

More Pixels


The client now supports full-screen and windowed borderless in 1080p and 2160p (now on Github).
I didn't get to the cleanup yet, but I did get the performance up to par even on the 4K resolution.

Milestone Achieved


A prototype (not yet on Github) is running with SDL2 in 1080p resolution. See this video!
Now it is time for some cleanup...

Observing the Process


Blade of Resurgence has invited me to observe their development process to get more insight into the needs of today's server operators. They have also offered help with testing the client updates.

Sound Files Extracted


A friend managed to extract the original WAV sound files from the sound PAK. They are now available for download on the Astonia 3 page. Thank you Mithey!

Client runs in 64 bits


All the preparations finally paid off. The client runs in 64 bits now, making it future proof and allowing access to more memory. Should we ever need it, that is.

Client runs with SDL2


The client runs now fully with SDL2. I had to revert the new resolution and text changes. I will re-do them in a more performant and cleaner way with SDL2.

Website Update


Finally gave up on iframes. They help avoid a lot of duplication but are not worth the trouble in the end.

First steps to use SDL2


I managed to open a second window and render all graphics via SDL2. It still requires text output to be usable, but it is nice to see it working so far.

Client now Compiles with GCC


After a long battle to get my old MSYS2 installation properly updated and the 32 bit toolchain installed I gave up, and reinstalled it. After that it was fixing some idiosyncrasies from Borland and the client compiled and ran just fine.
All that was left was fixing about a hundred warnings.

Client Update


The client is getting some improvements. I've removed the old 16 bit fullscreen mode and I'm in the process of adding support for upscaled resolutions. The source code is on Github.



I have updated the license for all versions of Astonia. It now asks servers to donate to charity instead of paying royalties. Anyone on the legacy license can ignore this if they make less than US$12.000 per year.



I've started working on updating the website. I've come to realize, again, that I am no web designer.



Astonia 3 client and server can be found on Github now!